My Pre-Flight Prayer

Posted on December 26, 2012


This is more-or-less the prayer I pray before taking off on each flight.  Feel free to use it:

Dear God,

Please watch over this flight and all its passengers and allow us to arrive safely at our destination.

I guess that seems a little selfish, so please let all these other planes land safely today, too.

In the world.

And not just today, for all time.  Please don’t let any more planes crash ever.

Why do you let planes crash in the first place?

Did people not pray on other planes that crashed in the past?  If they did pray, why did you let the planes crash?

Is it a waste of time to pray that my plane doesn’t crash?  It seems like if you were planning for us all to die today, me asking you to reconsider wouldn’t make a difference.  I mean, maybe if it were just me, ok, but this appears to be a totally random group of people.  I know I’ve done some bad things, so maybe I deserve to die — but what about that old grandma over there?  She looks nice.  Or that baby?

What is your thought process?  As you watch an airplane hurtling to the Earth, full of people you reportedly love so much, are you thinking, “Hmm… I dunno… they didn’t really pray very much before the flight?”  That would be pretty dickish.  I’m hopeful that’s not what’s going on up there.

But assuming prayer does make a difference, why should I even pray for the plane not to crash?  If you exist, wouldn’t dying and hanging out with you be way better than whatever I have planned for this stupid work trip?

If I truly believed in you (and what I’ve been told about you) why would I even be afraid to die?

I guess I don’t have as much faith as I would like.

I guess if you decide that my life will end today in a plane crash, thank you for letting me have a pretty good and easy life up to this point.  It was probably better and more interesting than the majority of all people’s lives who have ever been born throughout all of history.  And that’s pretty cool.  I also don’t understand why I got to have the fun life instead of the one where I die of malnutrition by age 4, or the one where I get gang-raped repeatedly in a refugee camp, but I’ll take it.

If we do crash, help me to not be scared.

As my plane plummets to the ground, please give me the strength to appreciate the uniqueness of the moment:

“Wow, I’m one of the few people who will EVER know what it’s like to die in a plane crash!  Everyone else just imagines this.  I am experiencing it!”

Or make it like Lost.


I guess I feel a little better.

Thanks for listening, God.


And PLEASE don’t let this plane crash.

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