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Posted on October 12, 2009


Pilot Presentation News:

Last week Ross and I screened the rough cut of our Bloomington Bros. “Pilot Presentation” for our management.  It went super well, and we got some great notes. We’re hoping to start bringing it to the networks by the end of October.  We’re still months away from an actual Bloomington Bros. show airing on television, but everything has consistently been moving forward and gaining momentum.  Except for the tip jar at this coffee shop:

Also for our last shoot of the “pilot” we got to throw a couch off a building.  No one is better at throwing couches off buildings and perfectly hitting a specific mark than we are.  This was shot at the new offices of  Our director Jake Szymanski is a staff writer/director at FOD.


MTV Monday:

Even MORE exciting than throwing couches off buildings, though, Ross and I recently flew to New York to be part of a comedy showcase for MTV.

MTV Comedy Showcase 92809 Flyer

The next morning we went to the MTV offices and met with some of their development people.  They’re excited to see our aforementioned pilot presentation when it’s finally complete.  Ross and I could become the next Beavis and Butthead, Puck and Pedro, or Kurt and Tabitha.  Keep your fingers crossed. Visit:

And no trip to NY would be complete without a visit to the CollegeHumor office.  These guys gave the Bloomington Bros. our first big break when they featured our Nickelback reinterpretetation, and they’ve been big supporters of ours ever since.  We love these people.

The Bloomington Bros. w/ Jake & Amir

The Bloomington Bros. w/ Jake & Amir

CH’s Sarah and Ben even came by the Slipper Room later that night to hang with us at the MTV showcase.  Then afterwards we all stuck around to witness the weirdest burlesque show ever produced, even by New York City standards.  Wish you all could’ve been there.

The Charlyne Yi Show:

Last night I played a tiny, tiny role in “The Charlyne Yi Show” at UCB.  I was a pervert with a Cockney accent.  I was excited to use the word “minge.”  It was awesome to play even a small role in the crazy/brilliant world Charylne had created.  I’m not in this picture, but I was in the show and made people laugh.  I swear!  Hopefully more UCB shows are in my near future.


Happy Birthday, Nick Swardson!

And finally , I got to party with my friend and fellow Minnesotan Nick Swardson on his birthday last Friday.

Swardson and Houchin

If I never do anything else in Hollywood, I can leave a happy man knowing I got this photo:


There’s not really much you can say after that.  The end.  (For now).

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