New Video! “Throw it in the Bag (Target Remix)”

Posted on September 18, 2009


Finally, I got to rap on a video!!

Ingrid Haas and I wanted to do some funny song videos together, and this was the first idea that she pitched.  As you can see, we effing ran with it:

Once we had the lyrics written, it only took about 3 days to record the song, shoot, and edit.  We were both wondering how long we would have before getting kicked out of Target.  Answer: An unlimited amount of time. Thanks, Target! Maybe it helped that it appeared there was a “Target employee” supervising us.  That was actor Will Greenberg, who played Mitchell.

The hats and jackets (and “Mitchell’s” red polo) in the video were actual Target items that we put on and shot with in the store.  We then bought the clothes and shot right outside the door.  Customer service was right behind the glass wall behind us.  There is no question that they could see us dancing.  After about an hour shooting outside, Ingrid took everything back in and returned it (besides the Ruffles).  Thanks again, Target!

And one final thanks to my man Jon Monteverde for the autotunage during the “cotton-nightie” part.

I also recommend watching the original Fabolous version of the song to fully appreciate the Target Remix.

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